Proper Ways to Store Tobacco

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You never want to ruin your new tobacco, especially when it is high quality like Bugler Tobacco. The next time you buy tobacco, make sure you are following these tips to keep it fresh and tasty.

First, make sure you are keeping the tobacco in an unopened tin or even a jar that is sealed like a mason jar. This is very important to keep the freshness in. Also, make sure to store in a dark place. The light can warp the tobacco.

The temperature and humidity will also impact your tobacco. Try to store your tobacco in temperatures that range between 60 degrees to 70 degrees. The heat can spoil the tobacco, but if it is stored in too cold of temperatures, it can impact the aging process of the tobacco. Remember to try and keep your tobacco in low humidity, this is why storing your tobacco in a proper container is so important. Always check to ensure the seal isn’t broken!

When it comes to storing your tobacco with other tobacco products, you should probably avoid it. Especially when it comes to cigars. Never store your tobacco with cigars as they can leave each other’s taste on each other.

Another good reminder is to never store your tobacco in a plastic bag. After purchasing your tobacco, remove from the plastic bag and store in a proper and sealed container. The chemicals in the tobacco could possible erode the plastic after a while and then it will be absorbed in the tobacco. This makes the tobacco not clean and is something you want to avoid.

Never add moisture to your tobacco. This will ruin it and it won’t end up lasting long because it will become moldy. The tobacco is sold and stored at the correct level of moisture. It is best to never try to intervene and change the way the tobacco is made.