hotels in the UK

UK Hotels With Space To Stretch Out!

Traveling around the UK is something that many people who actually live here don’t often think about doing. It’s partly because there’s a perception that, for the same amount of money, they could go somewhere more exotic, and partly because for people who’ve traveled a lot, some British hotels and B&B’s can feel a little…… Read more

Tips for Cheap Flights and Travels

People ask me all the time: How do I fly for free? Well, I hate to break it to you, but nothing’s free in this world–somewhere, someone is paying for those celebrity flights! I can, however, provide some tips on smart traveling! Below are my top 5 ways to save money on flights:  1. Buy… Read more

Saving on Gas While on the Road

Saving on Gas While on the Road

With the average American spending nearly 40 hours per year stuck in traffic, according to The Atlantic, it’s no wonder people are running out of time and out of money. Not only are people spending what’s equal to an entire workweek sitting in cars on congested roadways, they’re also wasting time and money that could… Read more

Taking Care of Your Back During Long Drives

Taking Care of Your Back During Long Drives

If you love the phrase “road trip!” but hate the effect it has on your back, you’re not alone. Many people suffer from back pain when sitting in one spot for a long time, generally three or more hours. Unfortunately, road trips with the family or even long drives to business meetings out of state… Read more

Scandinavian cruises

To The Top: On a Cruise to the Northern Lands of Europe

  When I think about going on a cruise, I think of warm beach climates like the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, but actually there’s more variety available in cruises. There’s adventure, culture, history and landscapes of forests and mountains. Why not sail around the Baltic seas, explore the islands off the UK’s coasts, or gaze… Read more