The Ultimate Travel Kit for Travelers

The best thing you can do when traveling is to be prepared. Vacations will always go so much smoother when you have all the items you need. You would be surprised the things you never would think of needing, but always seem to end up needing in a pinch. Make sure to never leave home… Read more

krakow at dusk

Luxurious Stay, Big Savings and Exotic Destinations

If you have made up your mind and want just to move out of your house and enjoy your stay at some of the most affordable destinations in Europe, here are some suggestions for you. We curate suggestions to make sure that you enjoy your time vacationing and save money too! Krakow This is a… Read more


A Taste of Peru

Peru offers everything from beautiful weather to breathtaking scenery to delicious Peruvian cuisine. That might be one of the best parts of Peru, their food! Peru is in western South America and borders the Pacific Ocean. It is home to the Andres Mountains, the Amazon River and luscious rainforests. The food in Peru is very… Read more

Salt's Cure

Great Breakfast Spots in L.A.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Next time you are in Los Angeles, make sure to stop by these breakfast spots for the best breakfast in the city. Jon & Vinny’s Jon & Vinny’s serves some of the best Italian-American comfort food in the city. They actually are open for breakfast, lunch… Read more


Is Target Really Thinking About Serving Cocktails?

A new Taco Bell in Chicago is going to start serving alcohol and now a new Target in Chicago has jumped on the bandwagon. The new store will open this fall and they are considering serving alcohol to customers while they shop. The store has already applied for liquor licenses to be able to serve… Read more