cheap holiday

Bored? The Cheapest Holiday of Your Life Leaves Next Week

Bored with the cold weather and looking for a bit of a change? Maybe you’re craving a week somewhere hot and sunny, and want to relax on the beach instead of having to wear three layers every time you go out, but just don’t seem to have enough money – especially after Christmas shopping! Well,… Read more

airplane in flight

Which Airline Has the Healthiest In-Flight Food?

We know all too well how bad airplane food can be–regarding both nutrition and taste. The people at took this common knowledge and put some research behind it in a recent study that sought to find out which airlines had the healthiest food onboard. Virgin America proved to have the healthiest food options in… Read more

wayward vegan cafe cinnamon rolls

Best Vegan Restaurants in Seattle

I hear often from my vegan friends how hard it is when they’re traveling and they can’t find vegan restaurants. While they are gaining popularity, true vegan restaurants (with quality food) are few and far in between. However, there are some cities that do a superb job of caring for their vegan citizens. Seattle is… Read more

Jolly Rancher

The Best Snacks to Take on a Road Trip

I just went on a 20-hour road trip and it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. Music was a big part of the trip being tolerable, but another thing that got me through those grueling long hours was some delicious snacks. There are several options out there when it comes to snacks to pack on… Read more


South Dakota’s Badlands

South Dakota has a slew of amazing national parks and The Badlands National Park is a must visit. The park expands over 244,000 acres and is home to breathtaking landscapes along with a diverse wildlife. The Badlands National Park has 64,000 acres of wildlife and while observing the park; guests have a chance to see… Read more