Wisconsin’s Most Bizarre Attraction

The House on the Rock has to be one of the strangest attractions across the country. It is a unique structure with crazy rooms, streets, gardens and shops that were designed by Alex Jordan, Jr. The attraction opened in 1959 and is still a famous sightseeing spot in Iowa County, Wisconsin. The House on the… Read more


The Taste of Italy

Italy is home to a rich history of politics, art, philosophy, and, most importantly to some, a classic culinary scene that is cherished the world over. Whether it’s the Roman favorite of Carbonara, the pizza of Napoli, the steaks of Tuscany, or the variety of wines that accompany each dish so well, Italian food is… Read more


Take a Dip in These Incredible Pools

Summer is the time to lounge around and go for a swim in the pool. If you ever get a chance, make sure to visit one of these fantastic pools for the ultimate swimming experience. Infinity Pool in Singapore Singapore’s SkyPark has an infinity-edge pool that sits on the 57th floor overlooking Singapore’s stunning skyline…. Read more


Southern Arizona’s Hidden Gems

Arizona is known for some beautiful tourist spots, but many people don’t think of Southern Arizona when they hear about the state. But there are actually some really cool tourists attractions to check out if you catch yourself in the southern part of Arizona. Tombstone Tombstone is a historic western city located in southern Arizona…. Read more

Italy water

Italy: What to Skip and Where to go Instead

Italy is a country that’s blessed with many popular monuments from the ancient Roman world, as well as being renowned for its authentic culinary tastes and flavors. As such, the boot shaped country in the south of Europe is a popular destination for many travelers, with visitors from all over the world arriving in search… Read more