Where to Go in the USA

I’m no stranger to the good U.S of A, as a lover of travel, there’s so many place I wish I could take my friends and family members who don’t live here. There are a lot of great USA holidays and tours which can ease the burden of choosing the perfect place to go.  San Francisco…. Read more

going on a vacation?

Leaving for an International Trip? Read This First

If you are leaving for an international trip soon, you might not know that there are a lot more t’s to cross and i’s to dot than you think! 1. Travel insurance. Some of the more unfortunate things happen when we least expect it. Remember Alanis Morissette singing about it raining on her wedding day? Even… Read more

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Side Order of Gulløye with Your Rudolf, Ma’am?

You might be under the impression that the food and drink in Norway is similar to that of the UK; there’s not a great distance between us, after all. But you couldn’t be more wrong. They have an extensive menu of delicious and unusual delicacies that you should definitely try when visiting Norway. You can… Read more

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Best of Both Worlds: Touring the Greek Isles

Greece is a gorgeous country to visit for a summer holiday and not short of amazing destinations: with a vast number of idyllic coastal islands (estimates of their number varies but are generally agreed to be between 1,200 and 6,000) you’re sure to find the perfect spot for a relaxing break. You might be tempted… Read more

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UK Hotels With Space To Stretch Out!

Traveling around the UK is something that many people who actually live here don’t often think about doing. It’s partly because there’s a perception that, for the same amount of money, they could go somewhere more exotic, and partly because for people who’ve traveled a lot, some British hotels and B&B’s can feel a little…… Read more