Top 6 Foodie Cities in the US

When you are on the road, you have to eat. Depending on where you end up, a quick snack could mean a trip through the Golden Arches of McDonalds, or a tasty (not) scorpion on a stick from a street stall in Shanghai. But if food is your passion, you are likely to be just… Read more


Sun, Sea, Sand and Slots

Sometimes when we go on holiday we just want to laze around in the sun. And other times we’ll seek something a little bit more exciting. But for those of us who like a bit of both, we’d recommend these three holiday destinations that feature the beautiful beach and the adrenaline ride of the casino!… Read more


Holidays in Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a gem, off the coast of Africa, this 10-island archipelago is considered to be the most Westernized and wealthy place in the African continent. So why does this paradise of fresh sugar cane, hiking adventures, nightlife and sandy beaches get no credit? Perhaps it’s because of the locals who vacationed to this… Read more


Making Your Holiday a Little More Homely

Whilst most of us go on holiday to get away from it all, we’ve all suffered that painful moment when we realise that there was one item that we’d wished we’d brought with us. So if you’re heading off to exotic climes this summer, give this checklist a quick looking over and make sure you’ve… Read more

Two young girls with baggage and navigator

Travel and Study Programs for Students

The field of education is one complex that is continually growing and expanding as times keep on changing. Researchers have gone to the field and tried to establish how to diversify and add value to the education that students get. In order for the impact of education to be realized, it has been found to… Read more