Part 2: Most Exciting Spots For Sports Fans

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We have talked about some exciting places for sports fans in the past. With the addition of new popular sporting events like the Alliance of American Football, there are even more top spots for sports fans to add to the list.

Allianz Stadium

The Allianz Stadium in Turin, Italy is a relatively new home field for Juventus FC but it is still a spectacle. The atmosphere is electric with passionate fans chanting historic songs and limericks almost the entire game. There’s also the added bonus that Juventus rarely loses at “The Stadium”. They are perennial Champions League favorites and any trip to the field usually means you’ll be walking out of the stadium with a big grin on your face after the game (if you’re a Juventus fan!). Of course, the Champions League is a must for every sports fan, and you will be guaranteed to get the full effect by visiting the stadium in Italy.

Sun Devil Stadium

Located in sunny Tempe, Arizona, Sun Devil Stadium is home to the Arizona State Sun Devils football team along with the new AAF’s Arizona Hotshot team. It used to be the place for Arizona Cardinals football games for many years before they built their own stadium. The stadium is very unique as it is built into the side of a mountain located on Arizona State University’s campus. The next time you are in Phoenix, Arizona, a quick 15 minute drive to Tempe to check out the stadium is well worth it.

Gillette Stadium

After the New England Patriots just won another Super Bowl this year, Gillette Stadium might be one of the top sports for sports fan for the next year or so. Located in Foxborough, Massachusetts, the stadium is known to be home to the New England Patriots football team. The stadium started being built in 2000 and continues to be one of the top stadiums in the NFL.

Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium is the largest stadium and is home to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Located in Los Angeles, the stadium has been open since 1962 and continues to go through renovations to improve the stadium each year. If you are a baseball fan, this is an iconic park to visit.