Top Sunglasses Under $100

Post-summer blues are a real bummer. School has started again, the season’s change and the days get dark before you’ve made it home from work. This period is tough, so that’s why we have come up with the best 100 products under $100 deal. Take a look at our top picks below. CARRERA 5001 B7Y/TE… Read more

How Vapes Can Help You Stop Smoking

We all understand the risks of smoking and the sometimes-devastating impact on the lives of the smoker and his or her family members, but have we considered the time line involved and the new ways we can genuinely give up for good? Aside from the risks, there are simple and plain benefits to stopping smoking…. Read more

The Benefits of Vaping Compared to Traditional Smoking

Health benefits of Vaping have now been seen and acknowledged as overwhelmingly positive from the world’s health community. When this has been endorsed by almost all health professionals, it’s hard to ignore, if not impossible. When we look at E-cigarette & e-liquids, it still sounds kind of bad?  But when we consider that all of… Read more

Alternative to Smoking While Traveling

We all know the dangers of smoking and it’s one of the largest killers globally of course.   Vaping has been shrouded with questions for a long time, as although we realise that you can’t get too much worst than actual smoke, we still waited for some time for the all clear on e-liquids and the… Read more