How does Money Affect Our Happiness?

Psychology models suggest different people seek pleasure differently. When it comes to finances, the happiness and the pain which people feel can be characterized in two broad ways; the savers and the spenders. On one end you have the spenders, who feel the pinch whenever they have to spend money (forcibly or unforced) and they… Read more

7 Apps that will take some Stress out of Vacation Planning

From weather and flight updates,through hotels and transportation, all the way to dinning and entertainment, there’s a relevant smartphone app out there to guide you. We’ve rounded up some of the best travel apps worth your attention. Thanks to the digital innovations of the 21st century we now have many apps that make what use… Read more

How to Stay Connected Whilst Travelling

With 38 million smartphone owners in the UK who regularly use their device, the world is more connected than ever. However, it is difficult to maintain this whilst travelling, without risking extortionate roaming charges. Here’s how to stay connected with your loved ones when you’re travelling. Change to a Travel SIM Card You can save… Read more