Outside Lands an Essentials Packing List For the Ladies

  I know what we are all thinking… It’s actually cold in San Francisco! Who isn’t looking forward to heading north and escaping the heat… Not only that, but Outside Lands is truly one of my all time favorite music festivals. Why? I think music festivals in the past years have grown and attracted a lot… Read more

Moving for the summer? Best ways to save the most money

Summer is coming to an end and we can’t wait to see where life takes you next. Whether you are on moving out in search of your dream job, chasing your dream city, or moving to college… we have a few simple, but effective tips that will save you some big bucks. 1. Don’t hire… Read more

Foodie Guide to Madrid: Feauture of the week FEDERAL

Madrid. An abundant city with beautiful people, a rich culture and an overwhelming in       ount of history. The only downfall to such an eclectic city time and time again for me personally is their lack of attention to brunch, which brings us to this week’s restaurant feature of the week. If you… Read more

High Tech Amusement, How Virtual Reality Has Changed Our Society

We are all seeking to be thrilled in new ways when on our travels because we long to experience something truly unique instead of typical, conventional attractions. Just as we do at home when we visit Red Flush Casino, we want something different to stimulate our senses. One staple type of entertainment when holidaying is… Read more