How To Change a Flat Tire on the Side of the Road

Flat tires are always an annoyance, but that’s especially true if you’re out on the highway. Even worse, you usually get a flat at the most inopportune times. How can you safely get back on the road? This useful guide to handling flat motorcycle tires on the road should help you. No Spare? No Problem!… Read more

Awe-inspiring travel: What makes traveling alone so thrilling

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5 Road Trip Worthy Festivals

Nearly every country in the world plays host to some sort of festivals. These public gatherings of people generally, have deep ties to the region where the celebration is held. These festivals are often a great way for visitors to a region to make a connection with a region’s heritage and history. Here are 5… Read more

Daytime Uses for a Hotel While Traveling London

We all stay in hotels for a place to crash and get some sleep while traveling. But did you know that there are other reasons to use a hotel during the day while sightseeing around the great city of London? Get some rest! Yes, like we mentioned, hotels are great for some sleep! Luckily, with… Read more