Cancun romantic getaway planning? Here’s 5 tips for you

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I had asked my girlfriend’s bestie for suggestions for a birthday surprise and she did NOT hesitate with her answer: “A Cancun romantic getaway!” Apparently she’d been dropping hints but like most men, I just wasn’t getting them. The postcard on the fridge, the travel magazine open to an article on romance in Cancun, the posts on her Facebook wall “Dreaming of Cancun”, I don’t know why I even had to ask her friend, the answer was right in front of me! Now that my eyes were opened, I set to work planning the best birthday ever.

Cancun Romantic Getaway for Beginners

While my heart is in the right place and I WANT to be that romantic guy, well, I admit that it took a lot of research for this dude to put together a romantic escape. I thought I would share some tips with you guys for planning a Cancun romantic getaway.

1. Choose the right resort! There are legit hundreds and hundreds of resorts to choose from and I was seriously lost when I first started looking. I read all the reviews, I talked to friends, I looked at photos, videos, webcams, I was not going to mess this up. I decided on Finest Playa Mujeres because they seemed to really check a lot off my list of needs, adults-only areas, super sweet suites, spa rituals for couples, luxury all around. According to the very happy girlfriend, I made the best decision EVER and she loved absolutely everything about Finest Playa Mujeres!

2. Ask for help. Really. The staff at the resort was AMAZING, I told them I wanted to give my girl the most romantic trip of her dreams and they went out of their way to assist me. There was no way I could make a mistake when I had the concierge team on my side. They even taught me a little Spanish to set the romantic mood “Te amo, eres el amor de mi vida”, I’ll never forget those magic words!

3. Couples spa treatments. I know. I’m not the most touchy feely kind of guy either. But to be honest? This was a highlight for me, not just my girl! I booked the Pukalani Love Ritual because, well, look at that name, it screams romance! I don’t want to get all corny and cheesy, but the massage, the aromas, the vibes and the rituals, I admit that I LOVED IT. And I got super mega boyfriend bonus points for booking it. 

4. Bring something nice to wear, even if you have you to go shopping (ugh). I would have been happy in my bathing suit and flip flops all trip but I am glad I brought an outfit my sister called “snazzy” when she picked it out for me. It was perfect for the special romantic dinner and she did NOT ever expect to see me in a fancy shirt and pants that weren’t jeans. More boyfriend points, whoohoo!

5. Relax. You just gotta chill. Once you are in Cancun, the romance is everywhere and you don’t have to worry. Your girl or guy is going to love it but you can’t be a worrier or you’ll just make the whole thing stressy! Go with the flow, let Cancun show you how! Sunrise on the beach, luxurious resort and the heat of the Mexican Caribbean sun, you are guaranteed to feel the love!

Cancun romantic getaway was a birthday success. Now, how am I going to top that next year?