5 Best Things To Do In London

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If you have a limited amount of time to spend in London or you just want to make sure that you spend your spare time in the most effective manner, you want to know the best things you can do in London. There is no shortage of ways to spend your spare time in the capital but here are the 5 best things to do in London that will guarantee you have a brilliant day out.

Enjoy a magical day out

It would be fair to say that Harry Potter is suitable for all ages and many adults adore the world of Harry and his chums as much as children. Therefore, a trip to the Warner Bros Studio Tour for The Making of Harry Potter is likely to be of interest to people of all ages.

There is a lot to see and do at this museum and you’ll find that some of attractions and features change and are updated regularly, so even if you have been before, there is always a reason to add more magic to your day.

Check out the dinosaurs in Crystal Palace

Anyone looking to take a step back in time will find that Crystal Palace Park is a fantastic destination that is well worth checking out. The Children’s Farm is a brilliant way to spend a few hours but you’ll also find that the maze provides a challenge that you will love and appreciate, no matter what age you are.

However, it is likely that the full-size dinosaurs will be the key attraction of Crystal Palace Park. Dino-lovers will adore this day out and you’ll spend a great deal of time thinking about this attraction.

Be entertained in Covent Garden

If you fancy a day of entertainment without spending a lot of money, make your way to Covent Garden. The army of street performers and entertainers will ensure that you don’t get the chance to feel bored. There are plenty of shops and restaurants to enjoy too but when it comes to a myriad of entertainment options, Covent Garden is a great option.

Enjoy a great game of golf in London

When you want a competitive edge to your time in London, why not consider mini golf at plonk golf? There are many golf courses across the capital, in areas like Camden, Peckham, Islington and Hackney, so there is likely to be a golf course near you.

These are venues that are suitable for families and groups of adults, so no matter what sort of day out you are looking to enjoy, Plonk is an option that is well worth considering.

Take a step back in time

For those who enjoy history, the Guildhall Art Gallery is worth visiting, if only for the chance to enjoy the Roman Amphitheatre in London. If you want to see the location where crowds used to gather to watch gladiatorial fights, animal fights and even public executions, this is the London setting you need to check out.

There is no shortage of options for a brilliant night out in London but if you want to see the best venues, this guide will not let you down, so make the most of your time in the English capital.