3 Stress-Busting Travel Hacks When Flying from Newark

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Newark is notable for many things (no, not just The Sopranos and quasi-Italian men in ill-fitting leisurewear, although how awesome was The Sopranos?!)

It’s actually the birthplace of a Pritzker Prize-winning architect (Richard Meier), much-loved actors (Jason Alexander, Joe Pesci), musicians (Frankie Valli, Gloria Gaynor, Queen Latifah) and a crop of famous sportspeople (Eric Williams, Greg White, Tahir Whitehead).

It’s also the most populous city in New Jersey and one of the nation’s major air, shipping and rail hubs, which means goods and people are flying in and out of Newark—quite literally—at an incredible rate.

For travelers jetting off the city’s Newark Liberty International Airport, then, it’s important the hurly-burly of this busy transport hub doesn’t overwhelm and confuse and leave you late for your flight.

To avoid a scenario where you’re cooling your heels in the departure lounge waiting for the next Airbus outta there, check out our top three tips below to save time when flying from Newark … it’s the best advice you’ll find this side of the Passaic River.

  1. Secure Your Parking Space in Advance

Most guidance you’ll read about traveling to the airport suggests booking your parking space in advance—and our advice is no different. The most convenient way is to use the Newark airport parking comparison service Looking4.com.

Aside from finding you the best deal for your dollar, it’ll allow you to go beyond booking a space to opting for a meet and greet service. This means you can drive your vehicle to the terminal and leave it with the parking company. They’ll park it for you and bring it back when you return.

  1. Allow Extra Time for Check-In/Security

So you’ve saved your stress levels and made record time by securing your parking in advance, only to be confronted with a line at check-in that looks like the whole of Newark has decided to take part in a charity line dance.

Quite often, there’s no way around the delays that airports throw up, so to make sure you get through check-in and security in time for your flight, try to allow some extra time to wind your way through the crowds to your gate.

  1. Have Your Boarding Pass and ID Ready

It sounds obvious to you, because you’re a smart, sophisticated traveler who breezes through airports like an A-lister in the middle of a hurricane … but for some folk, having their boarding pass and ID ready is something of an alien idea.

However, it’s worth reiterating that if you want to move swiftly and stress-free through the airport, always have your important documents handy, lest you’re scolded by an official with a baton that looks like it’d cause some serious damage.

Now it’s your turn, dear reader …

What advice would you give to travelers to help them avoid a stressful time at the airport? Please let us know in the comments section—we’d love to hear from you.