Starting Spring in Singapore

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Singapore is an amazing country, with its mixture of cultures offering a rare opportunity to experience a multiethnic society. The island state in the Asian region has about 5 million inhabitants, 40% of whom are expatriates. The result is a good mix of foreign cultures with a significant level of local culture.

The weather in spring

Generally, Singapore has a warm and extremely equatorial climate. It is as if the city has a single season that rains all year round and that has high humidity—about 82%. Spring in Singapore is warm and rains frequently. The temperature averages about 80°F during the spring, and throughout the year the temperature ranges between 75 and 95 degrees, so it is hot irrespective of the time of year. You will find the water warmed up to 85°F if you decide to take a swim in the spring. This season is the best for swimming and getting a suntan.

At a closer look during the spring months, March is a good month to explore the local nature and escape the suffocating heat. There are rains that, although they are adequately strong, are short. As March comes to the end, windless weather arrives. The better part of April—more than half of the month—is foggy. The air temperature averages 85 degrees and the water temperature is roughly 90 degrees. Were it not for the frequent thunderstorms, everything would be pretty good. You would not go wrong traveling to the island state in April.

May has fog, heat, and thunderstorms, and is not so different from April, except that the rains are significantly reduced. Rains end quickly, and you won’t be able to tell it had rained in an hour’s time. In May, the weather is warm and humid, and you will find the water warm as well. There are not as many tourists, so it may be an ideal time for you to enjoy without competition from hordes of people. All you need is to work with a reputable visa agent, who you can reach at, to get your visa ready, and then you can have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in the city-state.

Activities to do in the various weathers

When the weather is fine, you can take a walk to “Chinatown,” and as you enjoy the views, you can buy some souvenirs. You should also spare an afternoon and tour “Little India” for an experience of Indian culture, and to see some old Indian shops and restaurants that offer spicy foods.

During rainy weather, take the opportunity to visit the Asian Civilization Museum. Here you will get to sample all the cultures and developments of Asian people. You will get to see a wide variety of artwork and objects. Also, visit the museum of Perakan and get to see its magnificent architecture and many rooms.

Whatever the weather, sunny or not, you should visit the famous and extremely beautiful Gardens by the Bay. You will certainly enjoy the great blend of vegetation and modernity. You can visit at any time, especially the greenhouse part.


Spring is a good season to visit Singapore, especially its beaches, as well as to sample the great dishes and tour its various attractions. Also, you will experience a diverse culture, thanks to Singapore’s inhabitants from all over the globe.