Voodoo Donuts, Sinful Eating

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Voodoo Donuts is a great example of Portland in a nutshell. It’s equal parts splendorous and quirky. The traditional donut shop gets a modern twist here, classic donuts like the maple bar get some serious flair with the addition of bacon. Suppose it’s worth mentioning, Voodoo Donuts is not for the faint of heart! There’s a reason this quaint little shop has been featured on virtually every travel show you can find.

Sarah told me I should start with the classic Voodoo – it’s a super chocolate overdose with a deliciously complimentary raspberry jelly at the center. Each design is different and adorned with a pretzel stake. Sound decadent? It is – like I mentioned before, come equipped with an appetite.

voodoo donutsThe next thing I tried was the fabled Bacon Maple Bar, a local favorite. Wow, it’s all right there. The saltiness of the bacon hits your taste buds first. If you’re not a texture person, you may be unwilling to buy into just how well the maple blends with the meat. It’s an unusual pairing but works seamlessly. There’s also a certain smokiness that emanates from it as well! Amazing.

Interesting fact, a Portland brewery by the name of Rogue (love those guys) created a novelty beer inspired by this gem. I haven’t personally tried it but it sounds intriguing!

I was pretty full at this point as you might imagine. Sarah and I took home a variety of different donuts though: Captain my Captain – vanilla frosting and Captain Crunch, Mango Tango – mango jelly with vanilla frosting, and my personal selection, Diablos Rex – chocolate cake donut with chocolate frosting with tons of icing and chocolate chips.

From donuts to pizza by the slice. I’m finding the novelty eats around here are enough to sell anyone on Portland!

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