Tripadvisors Most Desirable Tourist Attraction

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In the recent 2013 TripAdvisor Tourists Attractions Awards, a select few destinations were nominated to represent such a category as heralded as Tripadvisors Most Desirable Tourist Attraction. Its important to note that in the top rated 25, the United States was not represented on the chart until number 12 in the form of the Las Vegas Strip. With a little more accredited documentation and historical significance, this top world wide sought after attraction hold much more meaning than a perfect photo opportunity.

Tripadvisors Most Desirable Tourist Attraction

Topping the attraction charts is Peru’s Machu Picchu. Estimated to have built around the 1450’s by the ancient Incan civilization, Machu Picchu is not only full of rich history, but beauty as well. Historians believe the 15th century marvel was built and abandoned by the Inca’s around the time of the Spanish Conquest leaving behind major details into their vast intelligence and architectural skills.

Much of the ruins were restored throughout the years, nearly 30% was restored in 1976 and is still maintained today. However, in 1981 Machu Picchu was claimed a Peruvian Historical Sanctuary and two years later dubbed a World Heritage Site to reclaim natural preservation. In 2007 the site was voted one of the world’s “New Seven Wonders of the World.”

With over 1,400 foot drops from cliff tops to river bottom the ruins show the embodiment of both residential and agricultural significance to the ancient civilization. The “upper town” is where many of the temples are located while the “lower town” is comprised of mostly housing and warehouses.

Its believed the famously titled “Lost City” was constructed as a territorial war advantage as much of the surrounding landscape shields the city from possible invasions. Morning and seasonal mist that covers much of the city made commuting in and out of the city unseen as well as the entire city itself at times, invisible. The famous Inca rope bridge still stands as a means of crossing the looping Urubamba River as well as a once completed tree trunk bridge that has all but diminished over the years.

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