Top Tobacco Accessories for Every Smoker

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When it comes to smoking tobacco, of course you will need tobacco! But it will also be helpful to invest in a few other top tobacco accessories. From pipes to cases and more, become familiar with these extra accessories to become to ultimate smoker.

Cigarette Making Machine

If you are going to be rolling your own tobacco in cigarettes, you might want to think about getting a cigarette making machine like the Top O Matic T2. It is very beneficial to have one of these handy machines on your side, especially if you are looking to roll the perfect cigarette. Only use high quality tobacco and the papers of your choice and let the machine do the work for you. This particular model looks extremely sleep wince it is made of steel, making it a very durable product. The built-in tray makes for a cleaner job and you can also get the job done happier with the help of a machine. Plus, it is built to stay in place when doing the work.


To smoke tobacco out of a pipe, you have to have the right pipe! When it comes to pipes, you can choose different sizes, plus the have many stylish options out there so that you can have you own personalized pipe. Most pipes are made out of 3 common materials: briar wood, corn cobs and meerschaum. Pipes also come in with different filters and different finishes. Some happen to be built to be used more and are more practical while others are more for collective purposes. So, make sure you are choosing the right pipe for you.


You will need to store all of your products in a smart place. This means getting the right type of containers for your tobacco, like a tin or mason jar. Just make sure it is tightly sealed. When it comes to storing your pipes, you want to invest in a pipe case that keeps them safe. Also, remember to store these items in a safe and smart place!