Top Scenic Roads of Europe

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The best way to experience the breathtaking landscape and views of Europe is going on a road trip. You can catch the most scenic spots while driving down some of the most well-known roads across Europe. Below we have explored some of our favorite roads in Europe, just remember that before you head out on your adventure, make sure you are preparing your car and even getting a mot test.

  1. Germany – Route 500

Route 500 in Germany is about 40 miles long and takes about one hour to complete. The road is popular for motorcyclists, but not areas are open to motorcycles, so make sure you are checking the route ahead of time. If you are taking a car, make sure the tires are ready for all types of weather. The summer and fall months tend to offer the safest road conditions, plus the days are longer, giving you more time to enjoy the gorgeous views. Route 500 takes you through the gorgeous Black Forest and surrounding mountains. The oldest and most treasured road in Germany is also an iconic spot for capturing photos.

  1. Iceland – Route 100

Located in Iceland, Route 100 is 800 miles long and will take almost a full week to really experience it. Make sure you are taking a 4-week drive vehicle to handle all the different weather elements from rain to shine. The best time to enjoy Route 100 is during July and August. Keep in mind that there are not many gas stations along the route, so be prepared by fueling up before you head out on your journey. Route 100 offers striking sights like waterfalls, volcanoes and even whale watching. It is also a great spot to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. It might take you even longer to get through Route 100 since there are many places to sop and take scenic photos at.

  1. Ireland – Ring of Kerry

The Ring of Kerry in Ireland is 110 miles and surrounds the Iveragh Peninsula. The summer months will give you the best views, but will also be the most crowded. Make sure to bring a map as you might lose signal traveling through the forest. The Ring of Kerry takes you through stunning forests, beaches, and mountains, all giving off a picturesque Irish scenery.


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