Top Brands to Know in the Pipe Tobacco Industry

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The tobacco continues to thrive. If you are looking to know more about the pipe tobacco industry, get to know the popular brands that are the reason behind such a booming industry.

4 Aces

4 Aces tobacco is known for their very strong, robust and bold flavors. If you are an experienced pipe tobacco smoker, than this is the brand for you. The iconic brand is from Illinois and is known for their blended flavors. Even though they are known to blend different tastes, all of their tobacco gives off a very traditional taste. The tobacco comes in assorted sizes of bags and different flavors. One thing that has always remained consistent with 4 Aces is their high quality tobacco.

Captain Black

Captain Black Pipe Tobacco is one of the world’s largest pipe tobacco brands. For over 30 years, the full-aromatic tobacco blend has been a main reason for the popularity of pipe tobacco. All of their blends add a flavorful mix to your tobacco collection and most of them are known to be sweet and fruity. They are easy to find online and for the high quality of the tobacco, the price isn’t that bad. It is one of the best options for tobacco to put in your pipe.

Red River

Red River pipe tobacco happens to be an extremely affordable option. Even though it is pretty cheap, it is actually a very great quality tobacco. It does have a very strong and robust taste, so the Red River blends happen to be best for experienced pipe tobacco smokers. They are from the great state of Texas and many of their blended flavors offer a traditional tobacco taste.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced pipe tobacco smoker, you will be able to find the right brand for your taste buds either online or at one of your local tobacco shops.