Three must-visit islands for newly-wed couples

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If you’re planning the romantic getaway of your dreams, then the beaches of Greece are an excellent choice. The Mediterranean landscape is dotted with volcanic features, pristine lakes and old royal castles. The legacy of the land as the hub of Western civilisation also offers an excellent backdrop for exploration and cultural retreat. People love to visit the area and take time exploring its rustic landscape which has a story to tell of its own. Here is a list of islands that you need to visit with your partner or loved one when you visit the country.


Santorini has a fascinating history as the landscape of the island was shaped by a volcanic eruption in the sixteenth century. Hence, it serves as a relic of past times. The sharp cliffs embedded with residential compartments and huts is based around a blue lagoon. The coastline is vast, and the beaches are perfect for late night walks hand in hand with your loved ones. At Santorini, we have carefully inspected and curated lavish villas that will be the cherry on top of your romantic holiday. Loyal Luxury Villas offers options which are diverse depending upon your budget and preferences. There is the Ananda with two bedrooms, two ensuite bathrooms and a private pool that is available at a rent of 600€ per day. However, if you’re looking for something more expansive, there is the Arsana estate for eight bedrooms and attached bathrooms available for 1805€ – 3065€ per day.


Paros has it all, beaches, water sports, shopping arenas, a great domestic airport and rustic villages. Booking flights and making reservations is an integral part of the travel itinerary but your holiday can feel dull if you don’t plan activities and look up important tourist attractions. This island is perfect even with little planning because it has something for everyone. There are beautiful historic churches and villages that you can visit to gain a better understanding of the local culture and traditions. The nightlife is also exciting with bars and restaurants lining the cosy streets. Another reason why couples like this island is because it is quiet and not teeming with eager tourists. It offers a great respite from urban city centres and allows newlyweds to bond over its tranquil beaches.


Mykonos, which is also based on the Aegean Sea, is the hub of tourists seeking an adventure. The place is busy with activity and bustle which means that there are a lot of camping trips and planned activities to participate in. The island offers Michelin star restaurants, expansive yachts, luxurious hotels, iconic landmarks such as the row of windmills dotting a hill, and an excellent value for your money overall. It is a great holiday choice for people who enjoy the cosmopolitan energy of mainstream centres. In the past, the island has been frequented by celebrities in the fashion and film world. Shopping in Mykonos is also a treat with brightly lit shops and street corners as lively people come in and out of doors.