Three Essential Experiences for Travelers to Toronto

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As the most populous city in Canada, Toronto has a lot of people to keep entertained. The result is a 21st-century metropolis – one which is filled to the brim with soaring skyscrapers, charming craft bars, and an array of eclectic eateries. 

Known as a city within a park, Toronto stood as six separate towns until 1998. The result is green space galore and distinct districts for the erstwhile adventurer to explore. Despite its mish-mash nature, however, the area as a whole retains a unique character felt citywide – the sense that all who enter are welcome.    

Inviting visitors with open arms, Toronto has much to occupy those whose wanderlust has drawn them to it. These are just three of the many experiences that you won’t want to miss out on.  

Visit Niagara Falls 

Photo by Pixabay

Niagara Falls is known the whole world over. This impressive natural phenomenon is the largest waterfall in North America, spilling around 750,000 gallons of water into the plunge pool below each and every second. Breathtakingly beautiful, it can be appreciated in an array of ways. One of the most popular places to take it in is from Table Rock, a spot just meters from the edge. Helicopter rides are another option for those with an appreciation of life-affirming views, but perhaps the best way to experience it is by taking the onsite lift down through the layers of rock to see the curtain of water up close. 

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Dine at the CN Tower

Photo by Pixabay
Photo by Pixabay

The CN Tower was once the tallest in the world, standing an incredible 1,815 feet high. While it may no longer lay claim to this title, it is no less impressive for it. Offering stunning views across the Toronto skyline, it dominates the city from the ground, but once you step inside, you’ll see it in an entirely new light. Designed to provide the most amazing aerial vistas, there are three points in particular that you have to stop at: the LookOut Level 1,136 feet up, the Glass Floor at 1,122 feet, and the SkyPod at 1,465 feet. Once you’ve seen all that you can, head to the famed 360 restaurant, where you can dine on the freshest Canadian cuisine while soaking up the views.    

Isn’t it time you added these three essential experiences to your itinerary?