The Benefits of Vaping Compared to Traditional Smoking

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Health benefits of Vaping have now been seen and acknowledged as overwhelmingly positive from the world’s health community.

When this has been endorsed by almost all health professionals, it’s hard to ignore, if not impossible.

When we look at E-cigarette & e-liquids, it still sounds kind of bad?  But when we consider that all of the harmful substances within cigarettes are now stripped out, leaving only the nicotine?  This helps us feel almost relieved, instead of hard done by, after all, this is the only reason why we smoke. Nicotine. Not because of all the harmful things in cigarettes.

Studies of the impact on the long-term health impact from vaping in comparison to smoking real cigarettes is massively positive and gives the legion of long-term nicotine addicts the massive positive of being able to finally have an alternative to smoking but retain the things they all found so hard to give up.

It can indeed only be a good thing as although the long term affects of vaping and e-cigarettes are not completely clear, however enough research over the years has now been completed to suggest and even conclude that it almost couldn’t be worst at least? and in the most terrible of situations is now a preferable and far safer route for all smokers to take.

Indeed, it’s transformed the smokers world and with flavours from vanilla to strawberry Ice has created a far more pleasant smelling alternative!