Summer Fun in the Garden State

New Jersey is full of activities to do all year round. You can ski on snow covered slopes, scuba dive off the shores of Wildwood, or create your own haven in your own backyard. Yet in the summer, the people of New Jersey can’t wait to finally break out the flip flops and boogie boards… Read more

Things to Consider When Preparing for Your Next Fishing Trip

Fishing is a great hobby to pick up. It can be both relaxing and also somewhat rewarding. Being able to stay on the water for hours at a time and connect with nature can be an exhilarating feeling. As with any trip, there is so much that goes into planning that it can feel overwhelming…. Read more

Halal Food and Healthy Nutrition

Halal food is a food that comes from Islamic culture and has its important characteristics and rules that must be taken into account to consider this food. Halal is an Islamic term that means what is right and if we transfer this term to food, there are a number of points that must be taken… Read more

Reverse Mortgage Basics to Know Before Applying

When you reach retirement age, you may find yourself needing a financial boost. One way to get that boost is with a reverse mortgage, but reverse mortgages can be a bit confusing. You may wonder exactly what their advantages are and if there are any disadvantages associated with them. You may also wonder if getting… Read more