Three must-visit islands for newly-wed couples

If you’re planning the romantic getaway of your dreams, then the beaches of Greece are an excellent choice. The Mediterranean landscape is dotted with volcanic features, pristine lakes and old royal castles. The legacy of the land as the hub of Western civilisation also offers an excellent backdrop for exploration and cultural retreat. People love… Read more


Being a woman is a job in itself, and can be quite hectic at time as we all know. Having the right tools to freshen up with ease, and on-the-go, makes our lives one step simpler. And we could all use more simplicity in life. We have compiled a list of five beauty products from… Read more

What to Do at a Wildlife Park

There are lots of fun (and educational) ways to spend the day out with family or friends while experiencing nature. Wildlife parks offer a variety of activities to look forward to such as safaris, garden walks, and opportunities to see both native and exotic animals. Besides enjoying the exhibits, many wildlife parks participate in breeding… Read more