How to Stay Connected Whilst Travelling

With 38 million smartphone owners in the UK who regularly use their device, the world is more connected than ever. However, it is difficult to maintain this whilst travelling, without risking extortionate roaming charges. Here’s how to stay connected with your loved ones when you’re travelling. Change to a Travel SIM Card You can save… Read more

Three Hot Night Tours in Singapore

While the days can be hot and exciting in a city like Singapore, the nights are even more thrilling. For anyone who is considering making a holiday trip to this jewel of Southeastern Asia, don’t forget to plan on spending very little time sleeping. That is because while you may want to spend your days… Read more

Top Five Places to Go for Some Winter Sun

If you need a break from the winter cheapill, the frosty mornings and the process of putting on layers of clothing to keep warm every day, you might decide that a last-minute holiday is the perfect pick-me-up. Luckily there are plenty of places that you can go to enjoy some winter sun – here are… Read more

Way to Keep in Touch While Studying Abroad

As the fall semester comes to and Spring starts to approach us thousands of student across the globe prepare to partake in one of the most rewarding program that high school and college offers now a days Study Abroad. And whilst studying abroad is an exciting prospect it is not uncommon that students often freak… Read more