Places for Outdoorsmen to Visit in Arizona

Certain states in the US provide a greater variety in nature-focused locations for outdoorsmen to explore than others. If you have some free time coming up and are looking for a place to visit that brings you close to nature, then we recommend booking a vacation in Arizona, which is not short on options for… Read more

Things to Do in Portscatho

The beautiful Roseland Peninsula is home to one of the most beautiful rural villages in all of Cornwall: Portscatho. From local vantage points, you can see miles of coastline, drink a pint of beer while taking in the salt sea air, or enjoy freshly caught fish with chips. There are even more things to do… Read more

Starting Spring in Singapore

Singapore is an amazing country, with its mixture of cultures offering a rare opportunity to experience a multiethnic society. The island state in the Asian region has about 5 million inhabitants, 40% of whom are expatriates. The result is a good mix of foreign cultures with a significant level of local culture. The weather in… Read more


In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai is probably considered to be among the most popular city within the emirate country. Portraying a stable local economy, Dubai is also ridden with numerous public attractions ranging from the iconic Burj Khalifa to the shopping galore of Dubai Mall! Still, it is worth noting that some aspects… Read more