Free Tourist Attractions Europe

One could pay hundreds of dollars to see some of the world’s most wondrous sites, visit top rated hotels and venues, or spend a day at Disney Land. However, amongst the highly rated and highly priced tourist destinations are more affordable marvels to be seen around the world if one knows where to look. Most… Read more

Tourist Trap to Avoid: The Taj Mahal

Among the most beautiful and desirable destinations in the world seems to follow an equal and most times overlapping list of places to avoid. Whether the language barrier and culture is overwhelming for visitors many exotic vacation spots bring with them cause to worry. From high prices to overbearing crowds, this possible “tourist trap” while… Read more

Tripadvisors Most Desirable Tourist Attraction

In the recent 2013 TripAdvisor Tourists Attractions Awards, a select few destinations were nominated to represent such a category as heralded as Tripadvisors Most Desirable Tourist Attraction. Its important to note that in the top rated 25, the United States was not represented on the chart until number 12 in the form of the Las… Read more

Why Fly to Dubai?

Known as the “shopping capital” of the middle east and consequently one of the wealthiest countries in the world, Dubai caters to both shoppers and tourists. So why fly to Dubai? As the second largest city in the United Arab Emirates behind Abu Dhabi, Dubai most notably is adorned for its heightened technology both in… Read more