Australia VS New Zealand: More Desired Destination

If traveling to the “Land Down Under” is in your near future or high on your bucket list, Australia does not disappoint. Sure the country was originally a stow away land for convicts and felons in the 1700’s but since then, just a killer travel destination. So the epic battle begin Australia vs New Zealand…. Read more

Estadio de Maracana

Hotels Near Camp Nou Stadium

There are several wonderful Hotels near Camp Nou Stadium. Here are just a few with varying levels of luxury. Apartamentos Turisticos Madanis Adjacent to the stadium Apartamentos Turisticos Madanis are full on apartments that can be rented out by tourists in the area. Each apartment features free Wi-Fi and a flat screen TV. The rooms… Read more

Best Restaurants near FC Barcelona Stadium

If you know anything about Barcelona then you know that it is a bastion of impeccable cuisine. From fresh seafood restuarantes to small street vendors Barcelona is a destination for delicious food. Here are a couple restaurants near FC Barcelona Stadium. Casa Jacinta Just a few blocks from the Stadium Casa Jacinta has a menu… Read more

Food inside Camp Nou Stadium

There are only two places to eat within the stadium but unlike in the U.S. you can actually bring your own food and have a picnic. Let me tell you there is nothing like munching on a sandwich within the stadium while enjoying a nice cold beer. Here are the two options for food inside… Read more