Fisht Olympic Stadium

Fisht Olympic Stadium

In preparation for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia, architectural firm Populous, along with UK design consultancy Buro Happold, has designed and built the Fisht Olympic Stadium, with an estimated cost of over $600,000,000. Named after Mount Fisht, one of the largest peaks in the Western Caucasus mountains in Adygea Russia, Fisht Olympic Stadium will fit… Read more

getting a cheap flight

Singapore Airlines: The New Height in Luxury

There’s a reason air travel is seen as a hassle, a last resort, an uncomfortably full sardine can of upset passengers that regardless of defying gravity… dread flying. Often times it isn’t the fear of a plummeting death or even the cost, but more practically the convenience and comfort passengers put into question when considering… Read more

Hotels Near Ataturk Stadium

Hotels near Ataturk Stadium

Hotels near Ataturk Stadium Retaj Royale Hotel Located in outer Istanbul and conveniently only 3.7 miles away from Ikitelli and the Ataturk Stadium, The Retaj Royale Hotel beautifully accommodates travelers in a business and pleasure way that truly is Royale. The hotel includes an indoor pool, fitness center and spa facilities along with personal LED… Read more

Transportation to Ataturk Olympic Stadium

Transportation to Ataturk Olympic Stadium Metro Rail System Construction of the underground railway system began in 1992 opened for public use in 2000 and remains booming and expanding today. Locals and tourists alike suggest the metro system is the most cost effective mode of transportation around Istanbul and Ikitelli. Public transportation records show that of… Read more