Authentic Meals in Italy

Whether you are visiting Rome, Florence, or Venice you are going to find delicious food in high-class restaurants, small dives, and street vendors. While most people think of lasagna or spaghetti & meatballs when contemplating Italian food, I advise that you skip these American main stays in favor of the incredible choices Italy has to… Read more

Thanksgiving Around the World

America isn’t the only country that celebrates Thanksgiving.  We are the only ones who call it Thanksgiving but countries around the world give thanks and rejoice the greatness of their nation by gorging on food. Thanksgiving Around the World August Moon Festival: China The Chinese celebrate the August Moon festival that lands of the 15th… Read more

homesick in italy

Homesick in Italy

It’s been nearly four months since I arrived in Italy and started teaching ESL (English as a Second Language for the uninitiated), and my time here is slowly drawing to a close. As much as I love the bustling cities, character-rich people and delicious wine, the thing I’m most fixated on is getting home and… Read more

Sandwiches of the World

Here are the sandwiches of the world, presented by Vagabond Summer. Philly Cheese Steak – U.S.A. This sandwich developed in the early 20th century is comprised of paper thin fried beef, grilled onions and cheese stuffed into a small loaf of bread.  While the originally probably featured provolone or American cheese, purists swear by the… Read more