New Zealand VS Australia: More Desired Destination (Part 2)

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New Zealand vs Australia

As competitive opposition to its neighboring country Australia, the kiwi’s in New Zealand have got beauties of their own. While New Zealand doesn’t hold one of the eight wonders of the world, it is still no wonder New Zealand is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. As if filming majority of the “Lord of the Rings” in the country’s beautiful landscape wasn’t enough, the kiwi’s decided to keep many of the structures seen in the films standing as a constant reminder of significant scenic importance. Not a fan of Hobbits or their life size Shire? Don’t worry, New Zealand has much more to offer. So it’s time for round two… Australia vs New Zealand.

new zealand vs australia

Comprised of more than 140 separate islands, the world famous Bay of Islands is one of the worlds most desired travel destination. From dolphin watching, big game fishing, or hiking from island to island, the Bay of Islands is atop the aquatic marvels of nature. Whales, penguins and hundreds of marine life inhabit the bay while sharing the sea with yacht connoisseurs and snorkelers bouncing to and from renowned sites such as the Hole in the Rock and the sunken Rainbow Warrior wreck.

new zealand vs australia

Auckland is known as New Zealand’s capital city to most while others refer to it as Sky City. Standing at an astounding 328 meters tall, the Sky Tower is the largest man made structures not only in New Zealand, but in the Southern Hemisphere. To stay at the five star Sky Tower hotel or gamble at the glamourous Sky City Casino is a “pick your poison” decision shared by millions of tourists every year. Living the lavish five star life in Sky City not enough for you? Take the Sky Walk around the massive marvel and if you’re up to it, take the 1,000 plus foot drop on the bungee controlled Sky Leap.

Located on the Waikato River, Hamilton is the fourth largest city in New Zealand and one of the country’s busiest tourist destinations. When staying in Hamilton, visitors can take a short drive to the town of Matamata, which is home to the Lord of the Rings’ movie set or visit the beach community of Raglan and its famous black sand beaches. Those who wish to explore nature can stop by the Maungatautari Ecological Reserve or take a walk through the Waitomo Caves, while those who stay in town will find plenty of great restaurants and a vibrant nightlife.

new zealand vs australia

Sure the ration of 13:1 sheep to men ratio isn’t as glorious as Australia’s enticing men to women ratio. However, New Zealand will continue to rival their neighbors across the sea as the two most desired tourist destinations in the world.

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