Let Your Taste Buds Enjoy Devonshire Cuisines

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If anyone wishes to try out British cuisine then Devon seems to be the perfect place to have it. Mostly the land of Devon is famous for producing high-quality dairy products as yielded landscapes provide a good diet to the cattle. Are you planning a trip to the wonderful place of Devon? Then don’t forget to visit the top restaurants in Devon that serves mouth-watering Devonshire delicacies.

Food Bonanza at Devon

When we talk about food at Devon the first thing that comes to our mind is pasty. Most of you are not aware of the fact that pasty is regarded as the oldest type of food which is a contribution of the Plymouth city. Are you a pudding fan? If yes then hog’s pudding will definitely be going to satiate your taste buds with its authentic taste.

This lovely county has led to the origination of several culinary evolutions. One such evolution is cream tea; it is made with scones, clotted cream, and jam. In most of the countries, it is popularly known as Devonshire tea. If you are in Devon then you will find that most of the dishes are topped with blue cheese. These cheeses are mainly derived from Friesian cows as they are known to have high fat in comparison to other types of the breed.

Where to Dine?

After getting an idea about the food in Devon, you might be interested in knowing that where to find the top restaurants in Devon. Don’t worry you will get a complete guideline regarding the places where you can get the authentic taste of Devonshire cuisine.

Have a look at the restaurant where you must try top class cuisines of Devon.

The elephant, Torquay: It is a beautiful restaurant in the county of Devon. Here you will get a great selection of menus and one is straight from expertise recipes of Chef Hulstone. Here you can try the pop rock candy which instantly melts in your mouth.

Riverford Field Kitchen, Buckfastleigh: If you want to taste fresh food then nothing can be better than this restaurant. Here you will be offered farm produce food items that taste awesome.

The Pig at Combe, Gittisham: In this restaurant, you will be served dishes that are specially made from local ingredients like lamb or scallops. This restaurant serves crispy pig cheek which is slowly cooked.

These restaurants and many more await your arrival to this wonderful county. You cannot resist yourself from having more food.

Some Important Considerations

Before choosing a restaurant a person has to consider the following points and these are:

  • Cuisine
  • Service
  • Price
  • Hygiene
  • Ambiance

These five factors can help you to choose the best restaurant. Sometimes we tend to get confused regarding our choice and in such cases, one should go through the customer reviews especially that are published by Google.

Thus, it can be concluded that whenever you pay a visit to the county of Devon, make sure that you fill your platter with Devonshire delicacies. For guidance, you can check out the top restaurants in the county.