Lerchen und Eulen: The best cafe/bar in Berlin

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One of my clients out here decided to celebrate a breakthrough in our newest project by taking me out for drinks at Lerchen und Eulen. He asked me what vibe I was looking for and I told him that I wanted to go to a bar that I couldn’t find in every travel book or travel blog on the internet. He said he knew the perfect place but we wouldn’t clue me in on where we were going until I was already in the cab. Where he took me was Lerchen und Eulen a bar that looks more like a coffee shop than a purveyor of the best Moscow Mule I have ever had. The vibe was exactly what I was looking for local artists were chatting at the small tables or sitting on one of the many couches that line the walls of this establishment. The drinks were affordable and it was quiet enough for us to hash out some more details of the project that we are working on. The staff was incredibly friendly and understanding of my extremely poor German. This was a great place to relax and unwind after a long day of work but I think that I might come back during the day some time. I didn’t sample any but my client told me that the cakes that they sell are absolutely incredible when paired with their house coffee. This might be the spot that I hang out at when I’m anticipating a slow day I’ll just sit back, enjoy an espresso and watch the culture flow by.

Lerchen und Eulen

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