Keeping Your Home Free From Pests While In Summer Vacation

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Summer is coming. You want to kick off the start of the vacation season. You want to enjoy and feel the warm weather, beautiful sunshine, tranquility of the beach, amazing wonders of camping in the mountains, or excitement to visit relatives and friends.


However, leaving your home for a summer escapade is also the perfect time for pests to take advantage while you are away. The pests will take the hitch inside your home and ready to enjoy as well what you left.

You can prepare and protect your home from pests while enjoying your exciting trip. Nonetheless, the Pest Control San Tan Valley can provide the professional help when you need the full and assuring the protection of your home from pests.

Make your home like a citadel 

  • Defend your home by sealing it up. Seal all potential entry points of pests. 
  •  Keep bulk food products in sealed glassed or plastic containers. Place the garbage in bags within sealed trashcans.
  • Never leave the pet food out
  • Wipe food from tables and counters after eating. Do not forget to sweep specks from the floor
  • Seal cracks around exterior doors and windows with block. Replace weatherstrips if it is dilapidating. Include the repair of any holes and tears in screens. 
  • Put sealants on spaces around pipes, vents, and utility line entry points
  • Put the screen in the vents, chimneys or ducts

Clean-up the outdoor

Picnic crashers are flies, ants, and mosquitoes. Protect your yard by taking a few steps:

  • Inspect roof shingles and fascia if there are signs of deterioration. Repair if needed.
  • Remove yard debris from around your home and outbuildings every week before the day of your trip. Some pests take sanctuary in debris-filled areas. 
  • Place the garbage bins distant from your house and outdoor dining spots. Never overfill the containers and make sure you can close them tightly. Know the schedule of garbage pick-ups.
  • Inspect portions of the house of there are wooden spots that are deteriorating, make sure you take time to repair. Termites get attraction from rotting wood. 
  • Remove any standing water in your yard like buckets. Even a small amount of water can be perfect for breeding grounds of mosquitoes. 

Ensure that recreation water- facilities are circulating

  • Ensure that the water in your swimming pool or fountain is flowing. Mosquitoes do not lay eggs in moving water.
  • Do not leave any food inside or outside. Cover the food with secured containers or place them in the cold fridge. Flies and ants get attracted to any food exposed.
  • Clean your barbecue grill. Use the scrub in cleaning the grillers with soap, hot water, and soda. 

Do-it-yourself tools for keeping pests out of your home

  • Some homeowners initiate to install ultrasonic devices around and within their homes. The devices are useful and practical to deter pests. But there are times that they don’t work effectively. A study found out that animals have their coping capacity. They learn to endure and ignore the ultrasonic device. It may only be useful for a while, but not long-term.
  • Do not use steel wool when covering holes because it quickly gets wet, gets rust, and falls apart. 
  • When you use expanding foam to cover large cracks, be sure to tri, flat and dry so that the mice will not bite the material.