How to Impress with Your Business Cards

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Making a name for yourself and creating your brand takes time and dedication. There are many different ways to attract customers to your business, but one way to really impress potential customers is with your business cards.

Design Smart

With so many different options out there when it comes to the design and style of your business card, make sure you are choosing wisely. The material of your business card can even be customized. For example, you could go the traditional route and use either a glossy or matte finish. Or you could be a little adventurous and get plastic business cards. Other options are also available like using a different shape for your business card such as a diamond for a jewelry store. This doesn’t always work out the best as it sometimes can be too unique. But there are way to stand out when using the regular shape of business cards, like with embossed business cards. This is a different way to make your business cards get noticed without being overbearing with a different shape or material.

Colors and Graphics

You also want to be smart when it comes to choosing the colors and the fonts you use on your business cards. A white background is always safe and that way you can have a little bit of more fun with the colors you use or adding logos and graphics. Be careful overdoing it as you never want a business card that is too busy. Stick to only including the important information like your business name and contact information. If there is room for more, consider adding your logo or small graphic. The font you use can also be a deal breaker. It will depend on your business, but try to stick to traditional fonts and don’t get too crazy with the fonts and bright colors.

Why Use Business Cards?

Of course, you always want to establish a great first impression to successfully grow your business. This is why you want to always be prepared and have your business cards on hand. So, remember to reorder before you are completely out. Also, make sure you have your business cards on hand at all times so keep some in your car, at your desk, in your purse, pretty much anywhere they can be accessible!