How To Choose The Best Flooring For Your Summer Vacation House

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Summer vacation is the best time for reunion, fun, and party. It is best if your vacation home is always ready to receive your whole family, friends, and co-workers. 

The most common summer vacation houses are the beach houses and lake houses. Aside from the house design and materials used in the house structure, flooring is another important aspect for a vacation house. You can get the best deals at Dallas Flooring Warehouse when you renovate or build your summer vacation house. Here is the best flooring you should consider when renovating or building your best summer vacation home:

  1. Flooring for beach house
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  • Luxury Vinyl

Vinyl flooring is not an old-aged trend or something that you can only see in your grandma’s laundry room. Luxury vinyl has enhancements over the years, and it becomes the primary choice for any beach house because of the following benefits: 

  • You can but luxury vinyl in planks and tiles
  • Soft for the foot and dampen the sound 
  • It looks like a wood
  • easy to install 
  • 100% waterproof and water resistant 
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Very affordable
  • Do not easily warp
  • Ideal for spaces at home that is prone to moisture
  • Ceramic Tile Flooring

If you have a beach home and your family or you open this for rent, then the flooring is accommodating high foot traffic. The ceramic tile flooring must be your serious option for your beach home:

  • Maintenance is easy 
  • Ceramic tile is resilient, hard-wearing and easy to clean
  • It has a range of choices available to fit your home design (planks, squares, rectangles, mosaics) 
  • It can look like real wood planks
  • It can maintain a cold temperature inside your home 
  • very affordable
  • Bamboo

Bamboo is durable, attractive, affordable, and practical. When you want to stand your beach house as unique, then bamboo should be your top choice. 

  • Bamboo flooring is more difficult giving you durable surface
  • Bamboo with strands is the strongest variety of bamboo. It is twice as stronger than the oak. 
  • Eco-friendly flooring
  • It takes more years before replacing the bamboo unlike the other hardwoods
  • Bamboo has a variety of shades you can choose that will match the style of your room
  • Wide Plank Hardwood

Hardwood is always the leading choice of coastal homeowners. It is highly recommended to choose white oak. You can grab great deals of hardwood plank at Dallas Flooring Warehouse

  • white oak is known to be one of the most resilient woods and best for flooring
  • Typically, the wide plank wood flooring is very dense
  • Resistant from scratch
  • less porous 
  • You do refinish, and it can last long 

Lake House Flooring

  • Hardwood Flooring

It is best to use for living room, dining area, foyer, hallway, and bedroom. But it is not suitable for basements, bathrooms, kitchen, and areas where it is always wet. 

Hardwood can be expensive, depending on the variety of wood you choose. Water is the topmost enemy of hardwood floors. Replacing them can be costly as well. 

Most of the home builders use hardwood above the ground floor. Others use engineered wood, which can also resist water. 

  • Laminate / Vinyl Flooring

It is best in entryways, hallways and living area but worst for bathrooms. 

Some contractors use Laminate to make the appearance of the flooring to look like hardwood. But some uses Vinyl because it offers more options of appearance like tile, wood, and stone. It can perfectly beautify your home, but it is not a perfect waterproof. 

  • Linoleum

It is best for entryways, kitchen, and bathroom. But never use this in sunrooms, bedroom, and rooms with rough concrete flooring.

Linoleum is a synthetic flooring made of natural products like linseed oil and sawdust. It can come from glue-down sheets, panels, or tiles. Unlike the Laminate or vinyl, Linoleum is resistant to water, but make sure that seams and edges of the floor do not have water leaks.