For the best vacation, you don’t have to travel far

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If you are like me, or many others whose grandparents, or even parents, decided to buy or build a place for themselves in the countryside and spend the rest of their lives in peace and quiet, working around the house, mowing the lawn, maintaining the yard, taking care of pets or raising livestock, you could be in luck.

Just so it happens, sometimes, after we grow up in these places, spend our summer breaks and family vacations there, learn to love them and take them for granted, they get abandoned for one reason or another. You grew up and stopped going there, the place got abandoned for whatever reason and nature took over. That is exactly what happened to me before I went to my old countryside house after years of break and then the nostalgia hit me. It was at that moment I had decided to revive the old place and start taking care of it. I’ve already made my mind and dedicated my whole summer to that project. I turned the whole work of revitalizing the big yard and an old house into my vacation. It pays off to have good friends who enjoy similar things so, luckily, there were dozens of us willing to put work into our active vacation.

While I’m not immensely experienced with these things, I can give my two cents telling you the basics that you need to know if you want your own slice of paradise. The big bonus I had going for me was the proximity of the place to my house in the city. In any way, taking into account you brought friends and/or family with you, the first thing you need to do is split the work among you. Everyone should be doing the thing he is the most comfortable with, ensuring a pleasant experience for everyone. I know we had a blast and at the end of the day, everyone was looking forward to working again the next time. Now that was a first! The second thing we did was looking for the right tools for the job. Women took upon themselves to acquire every kind of detergent, cleanser, rug, and broom required to clean the house inside out while men went conquering the yard. An abandoned yard in the countryside quickly turns into a jungle so it was necessary to bring grass trimmers, lawnmowers, gardening hoes, pitchforks, and also try to use every type of tool present in the old garage and house’s storage rooms.

Considering you will most probably work during the summer, take into account that you will have to protect yourself from the sun, drink plenty of fluids, whether it’s water, beer or something else. And, at the end of the day, make yourself a nice barbecue to reward yourself and everybody present. After everything said is done, you will have an amazing, isolated place for yourself where you can call friends, chill alone and even enjoy the best sex games of 2019.