Enjoying the Nightlife of Manchester

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Traveling is a great way to experience other cultures. Unfortunately, there are times that are wasted when you are traveling and in a town for just a few hours, but feel like you can’t get out and about to check out the town. However, if done right, you can make the most of just a few hours while on a layover in Manchester.

Maybe you don’t have a place to store your luggage. With the help of Excess Baggage, you can safely store your luggage for a few hours so you can go out and enjoy the nightlife of Manchester.

While in Manchester, make sure you put these spots on your must stop list.

Albert Hall

Ideal place to catch a show and mingle with locals and other tourists. Albert Hall was closed for 40 years and reopened in 2013. The famous music venue has hosted bands like Interpol, Sam Smith and more.

Milton Club

The Milton Club is in the heart of Manchester and is one of the hottest contemporary clubs in the city. You will get to experience luxurious service and the tastiest cocktails while enjoying the hottest music. The island bar and dance floor is always a hit, plus it is available for private parties.

The Venue

The Venue in Manchester is known for its cheap drinks and blasting only the best indie, rock and dance music. The small and fun bar is a local favorite and is a great place to visit when visiting Manchester. If you are looking for a hole in the wall, The Venue is your spot.


During the day Tribeca offers New York jazz while customers lounge in the gorgeous bar. At night, it is a hip place that has RnB music and always a fun vibe.

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