How To Delay Your Period For Vacation

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Period cramps

We can’t honestly say that it is ever a good time for your period to arrive, but your vacation is one of the things you want to experience without having to worry about things ‘down there’.

So, what if there was a way to delay your period for vacation? Would you try them out? Well, here are some approaches to delaying your period so that you can enjoy your vacay to the fullest! How to delay for period.


  1. Prescription of Norethisterone

This is one of the most common methods of menstrual suppression. As you prepare for your vacation, remember to buy a prescription of Norethisterone, a popular tablet with the progesterone hormone. As you near the start of your cycle your progesterone levels drop, leading to shedding of the uterus. Increasing the levels of progesterone in your body will make your period to delay.

You will be required to start taking Norethisterone pills three days before your periods, three times a day. Your periods should start 48 to 72 hours after you stop taking this pill.

Side effects include reduced sex drive, stomach upset, mood swings and breast discomfort.

  1. Manipulate your birth control pills to your advantage

Women who use birth control pills know that the active pills go up to the 21st day. The other seven pills are inactive, to give your body time to present you with nature’s gift. If your date is approaching and you are almost finishing the active pills, open the next box and start from day 1. If your vacay is a month away, you can readjust your pills to match your calendar and make your cycle convenient for that time.

Remember that you can only use this method to delay periods if you are sure that you usually don’t have severe side effects.

  1. Use a progestin intrauterine device (IUD)

If your vacation is long-term and is not due for more than a few weeks, you can consult your doctor about IUDs. With this birth control method, a small, plastic device is inserted into your uterus. Women who have used it have experienced light spotting before their periods disappearing.

  1. No free week

For the ones who use other contraceptive methods like the ring and patch, try missing your free week. On the third week (when your seven-day break starts) insert a new ring and skip your ‘period’ week.

  1. Use natural methods

There are many recommended, natural ways of delaying periods. However, do enough research to ensure that the natural remedies will work for your body. One of the natural methods includes increasing the time and intensity of your workouts.

You can also opt for vinegar and lemons. As for vinegar, you will have to make a mixture of three or four spoons of vinegar with water and drink it 2-3 times a day. Drinking a mixture of lemon and water is thought to make your period lighter or finish it completely.

Remember, the earlier you plan your cycle, the easier it will be to delay your period!