Can Medical Marijuana Treat Sexual Dysfunctions?

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There are many reasons for sexual dysfunction, including drained libido due to stress and fatigue, as well as physical reasons that a doctor can consult on. Sexual dysfunction, which is often primarily associated with the inability for a man to get or sustain an erection, can be caused by aging, poor blood circulation, diabetes, and even kidney disease – all of which contribute to a reduction in testosterone levels, and thus a lack of normal sexual function.

If you’re searching for “marijuana delivery near me” because you’ve heard that medical marijuana can help with sexual dysfunction, there’s research to back you up and shoot you down. Depending on the reason for your sexual dysfunction, you could greatly improve your ability to be satisfied in the bedroom, or create more problems for yourself if you use marijuana as a remedy.

Studies on Marijuana and Sexual Dysfunction

Marijuana has been used to treat sexual dysfunction for years, perhaps not officially in all cases, but on a personal level often by those who could get their hands on marijuana. Research from some studies has suggested that marijuana can effectively treat erectile dysfunction, however, other published papers provide evidence stating that marijuana isn’t at all useful in maintaining an erection.

Not-So-Good News from Sexual Health Journal

A 2011, Sexual Health Journal article stated that certain molecules in marijuana had the ability to directly target nerve receptors located in the penis, and therefore make those particular nerves go numb causing an ability to get an erection. Also, it’s been shown that marijuana lowers testosterone, which can make men impotent.

Could Positive Association Be Biased?

Researcher and physician Rany Shambloul has noted that there’s a bias toward the benefits of the “stoner erection” and that there is another side to the supposed benefits of marijuana and sex. He says that marijuana has the potential to cause penile erectile dysfunction, because it has such a powerful calming effect that it can lead to a loss of interest or even delayed ejaculation.

“Marijuana Delivery Near Me” for Sexual Dysfunction: Talk With Your Doctor

If you’ve searched “marijuana delivery near me” hoping to find medical marijuana to treat a sexual dysfunction, hopefully you have spoken to a doctor first. We advise you to discuss your condition with your doctor to see if medical marijuana is the best treatment for you. If it is, you should obtain an appropriate recommendation for dosage and then purchase from Green Door West. Should you need medical marijuana to treat your condition, Green Door West is a cannabis delivery company offering cannabis delivery in Orange County and throughout the Los Angeles area. We offer weed delivery so you don’t have to go to a dispensary for the medicine you need.