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christmas italy

Back Home for Christmas and Italy Withdrawals

I’ve been home since my time teaching in Italy for a few weeks now. There’s really nothing quite like spending the holidays with your family, not even the best travel adventures. My mom picked me up from the airport and completely blindsided me, just the most vicious hug – exactly what I needed after being… Read more

Cheap Eats in Miami Beach

Cheap Eats in Miami Beach

Miami, Florida is home to some of the best arts, entertainment, and culture in the south of America. With some of the biggest music festivals and finest museums in the world, Miami has a lot to offer its guests from around the world. One of the biggest reasons visitors continue to return to Miami Beach,… Read more

homesick in italy

Homesick in Italy

It’s been nearly four months since I arrived in Italy and started teaching ESL (English as a Second Language for the uninitiated), and my time here is slowly drawing to a close. As much as I love the bustling cities, character-rich people and delicious wine, the thing I’m most fixated on is getting home and… Read more

Best Sedona Restaurants

As winter approaches and the snowbirds begin to flock down to the southern states, business begins to boom in some of the most beautiful places to spend the snowy season. One of the most popular towns for folks from the north to visit while they’re out in the southwest is Sedona, Arizona. Sedona, known for… Read more