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Kinderkook Cafe

Offbeat Travel, Kinderkookcafe-62e

Regardless of all the Dutch cultural exquisites that are coffeeshops, liberal policy towards gay couples, Red Light District, light drugs and other things associated right away with Holland, there is also a room for offbeat things. For instance, tourists often head  to coffeeshops and traditional restaurants serving Dutch cuisine exclusively, yet why not pay a… Read more

two centre holidays

Two Centre Holidays – an Experience to Behold!

The best of both worlds is like the Holy Grail in life. We all search for it, we often don’t find it, but the test is there. When it comes to holidays however, the best of both worlds is very achievable, and generally comes in the form of a two centre break. I’ve done this… Read more

summer in cheltenham

Summer in Cheltenham

Race Horses and Spas English summers are one of the most unpredictable of weather patterns. Despite the namesake, the typical temperature is on the low side and rain may appear out of nowhere at any time. Web History of England attributes this seemingly random weather pattern to St. Swithin, who was said to have predicted… Read more

You cruise, you lose

You Cruise, You Lose? Definitely Not!

It feels like cruising is the new black – it’s everywhere, and definitely in vogue. Why is this? Well, I guess the chance to see several places within the space of one holiday, with luxurious surroundings to travel in, really does attract travellers in their millions. A cruise is a fast track way to enjoy… Read more