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the importance of location while traveling

The Importance of Location while Traveling

When people are planning their next getaway and searching for hotels, they usually only consider the amenities, the quality, and the price of a room. These are, of course, important factors when selecting a hotel, but there is another consideration that is every bit as important: the location. The location of a hotel is incredibly… Read more

best ways to travel for conventions

Finding Accommodations for Conventions

If you’re planning on attending an out-of-town convention this year and aren’t sure where you should stay, there are certain rules of thumb you should follow when looking for accommodations. The hotel you stay at may make or break your adventure. if your room is too far away, you risk battling traffic to get there…. Read more

The Best Cities to Watch the World Cup

The Best Cities to Watch the World Cup

The Best Cities to Watch the World Cup The World Cup in Brazil is less than 100 days away and while it is too expensive for most of us to fly out to Rio Di Janeiro, that isn’t to say we should avoid watching the football in a foreign city. Below are some of the… Read more

lanzarote canary islands

Canary Islands’ Lanzarote, Like Another World

Lanzarote is dream vacation on a Spanish island, spanning from the easternmost Canary Islands within the Atlantic Ocean. Registering as the fourth largest island in the area, Lanzarote translates to “the red mountains”. If you ever get a chance to see it for yourself you’ll know why immediately. Cheap flights to Lanzarote are always available… Read more