Alternative to Smoking While Traveling

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We all know the dangers of smoking and it’s one of the largest killers globally of course.   Vaping has been shrouded with questions for a long time, as although we realise that you can’t get too much worst than actual smoke, we still waited for some time for the all clear on e-liquids and the vaping world to be given the green light.

Of course, this happened with a hugely positive view from the medical fraternity, giving the Vape community the extra confidence they needed to help them to STOP pouring carcinogen’s and damaging tar in to their body’s day after day and allowing companies like Rockstar Vape to give the choices we all need to allow giving up the weed so torturous.

To get a rating of safety of around 90 percent gave everyone the peace of mind they needed and of course although we all realised it was all common sense that vaping was simply vapour, and simply MUST have been better than all of the cancer triggering and lung clogging tar related products of the past?  We all still awaiting the all clear.

We received this all clear and the vape community grew and grew from there.  Why wouldn’t it? It’s giving us the largest range of flavours possible, almost completely free of risk – as apposed to something that is proven to harm us and stinks to high heaven to boot.  Not to mention, it is a convenient way to still be able to smoke while on your travels.

Vaping has and continues to save lives, without the torture of giving up the Nicotine drug cold turkey and in misery.  One of the best life saving products and inventions this century.