All About Technical and Maintenance Aspects of Bicycle Touring

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If you are thinking of a bicycle tour in Rome then one of the most important things that you need to consider is maintenance of your bicycle. To help you in proper execution of this task, here are a few valuable tips to keep your bikes in the best working state on the road.

The toolkit for bicycle maintenance

Maybe your bike is in good running state now, but it won’t get far without proper checkup and maintenance activities. All this is very much needed to keep it in the best working state. This is where you need to get a good toolkit ready to pass those little hiccups smoothly. 

For touring purpose in Rome, it is advised to get a bike that is built with low technology, superior quality and designed to be easily adjusted or repaired on the road. TopBike rental Rome bike tours offer the best guided bike tours in Rome that are run professionally by Roman bike enthusiasts who wish to show their beautiful city to people all over the globe. 

Some of the tools to be included in the kit are as follows:

  • Multi tool 
  • Pliers or wire cutters meant for gear cables and brake
  • Tire levers 
  • Tyre pressure gauge. It is beneficial for beginners who lack a good understanding of right pressure
  • Spoke key
  • Shifter to remove pedals
  • NBT2, a cassette lock remover
  • Toothbrush for cleaning of chain
  • Bike pump
  • Swiss army knife 
  • Sewing kit 
  • Saddle adjustment spanner
  • Allen keys to reach tiny areas
  • Size 8 spanner that includes wheel nuts and saddle

Red box comprises of an MSR stove maintenance kit

Spare parts:

  • Wet lubrication 
  • High penetrant lubricant
  • Brake 
  • Gear cables
  • Plastic pannier clips
  • Bolts
  • Washers
  • Brake pads
  • Tire boot 
  • 1,000 cable or zip ties
  • Chain link
  • Duct tape
  • Puncture patches
  • Two inner tubes

This toolkit measures to be around two kgs in weight. 

Things my toolkit can’t fix:

Below is the list of things that the above tool kit won’t be sufficient to solve alone. You need to take help of a bicycle repair service professional to perform the task.  

  • A wheel re-build
  • Cracked frame
  • New cassette changeout
  • Stolen bike 
  • Derailleur failure

Top tips for bicycle maintenance

You need to perform all the below tips at periodic intervals of time to keep your bicycle in the best condition. 

Evaluate the condition of your bicycle

From time to time, you need to perform a list of inspection checks on your bike to ensure that it is in the best running condition. All these inspections will provide you mental peace while you fly down those huge downhills. With a brand-new bike, it becomes important to carry out routine checks.  From the beginning, I planned to perform regular inspection of the bike post every seven days of riding. 

This time period was appropriate for identifying potential failures to carry out the task. You need to set a reasonable frequency for inspection and stick to it. This will give you a good understanding of your bicycle and will also assist you in mending it.

Complete list of all major bicycle inspections:

  • Visual inspection of any wear and tear in brake pad 
  • Brake alignment 
  • Brake cable security
  • Missing or lost bolt
  • Cable housing wear
  • Rim crack
  • Use tool or vertical brakes to identify whether wheels are running properly or not
  • Ensure tires are properly inflated and maintain the right pressure
  • Sufficient grease on chain
  • Noticeable wear and tear on chain ring and cassette 
  • Exercising bicycle via complete range of gears

Keep bicycle clean and shiny

One of the important parts of bicycle maintenance is its cleaning. Though most of the bicycle users find it a painful activity, but it is very much needed to keep your touring bike efficient on the road for a longer time. Not just it will make it look beautiful but you will also take pride in owning this worldly possession! So, you need to clean as well as lubricate the chain quite often.

The advantage of a well lubricated and clean touring bike:

  • By correctly cleaning and lubricating chains, it will stretch to a lesser extent, and also reduced wear and tear on chainring and cassette. Don’t overdo it, as it will attract dust and lead to overstretching.
  • Clean all structural bolts that include racks, drink cage bolts, pedals, handlebar mounts and many more. Use a high penetrant oil to eliminate moisture, maintain a well-lubricated thread and prevent corrosion 
  • Identify areas of corrosion at the time of the cleaning process.

Leave the major repairs to the bike experts

You can’t repair everything on your own with visual inspection and toolkit. There are some repairs for which you need to take help of experts. The assistance of a professional repair expert using specialized equipment will enhance the life of your bike and its parts. 


A well-maintained bike will make your Rome tour all the more comfortable and convenient. Implement all these tips to keep your bicycle rolling smoothly on the road.