Affordable fun for your stag do

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When your stag do is up and coming, hopefully you have a decent enough friend to plan an amazing and memorable stag do before you get married and start a long life with your “soul mate”, right? So, the first thing to do is to get your friends list sorted – as you’re going to want your best friends and family to attend, the first half anyway. Destination is a big essential to planning the stag do, some people like going away to a part of Spain or America, wherever you go there will always be things to do and places to tick off your bucket list – just make sure you don’t end up like the ‘Hangover’ movies.

If you’re planning on having the stag do in England, clubs, casinos or even booking a comedy show at those are good option to consider for a fun and entertaining night – if you’re a high roller and want to try your luck of winning some good cash and you don’t even have to bet, just enjoy the night and the company you’re with, which makes it affordable. The same with having your stag do abroad it essentially is the same but you get better sun and tan, that counts right? For a stag do and holiday into one.

Bar crawls in the UK and abroad are your typical affordable thing to do on a stag do, as they’re cheap – especially in another country – like Ibiza or Marbella where the party and stag do scene is extremely popular. Even going out on the town and doing a type of man vs. food challenge where you have to demolish a huge burger, and usually if you complete the challenge it gets taken off your bill, extra win for your budget.

When it comes to ideas you have to think of events you can do as a group – like paintballing, gather all your friends and family to unlock their competitive side with a various amount of games, the cost of a paintball session would be around £15 as average, most places have stag do packages for you to pick on the day but your usual package includes; 100 balls, all of the equipment provided too and you would choose either half day or full day, depending on how much you would want to pay the same with buying extra paintballs on the day – essentially embrace your inner Call of Duty player.

In conclusion

On your stag do it’s about the friends that you’re with and what you make of the night, doing most things that are fun and entertaining don’t cost that much – especially if you all chip in. Majority of companies that are for entertainment offer stag do and group packages which also helps on saving money.

So, when you’re planning on going abroad its best checking price comparison sites to help get the best deals, for not only the hotel, the flights as well – then you have extra money to spend on the things that counts.