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In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai is probably considered to be among the most popular city within the emirate country. Portraying a stable local economy, Dubai is also ridden with numerous public attractions ranging from the iconic Burj Khalifa to the shopping galore of Dubai Mall! Still, it is worth noting that some aspects of Dubai have yet to be discovered by the general public. Here are 6 incredible things about Dubai that you were probably not aware of:

  1. Pearl diving

Early records of Dubai dates back to the earliest centuries, with fossilized artefacts and manuscripts recording proof of pearl diving as being amongst its famous local industries leading up to the foundation of the city itself. Since Dubai is a city located opposite the open seas, it is known that early settlers came to Dubai as a residence for their pearl diving activities and trade. After countless years apart, pearl diving became integral in promoting other people towards the beach line, thus culminating in the foundation of Dubai itself. Today, these areas are now famous residential hubs such as Port de la mer apartments, Emaar Arabian Ranches 3.

  1. Gender

According to trusted statistics by Global Media Insights (GMI), the gender divide in 2018 was recorded to be at 72% male with 28% female. This is further emphasized whereby males control most of the industries in the local economy, with women making up for a few others. Although this may seem biased, the statistic of women in the local workforce is experiencing a continuous increase in the numbers from previous years, proving that females are becoming more important as the years go by.

  1. Population

Being under the governance of the UAE, one would expect that the local populace would hold majority numbers of UAE citizens in Dubai. However, this is especially far from the truth! In the same infographic by GMI, UAE citizens amount to only 11.48% of the local populace! This shows that Dubai is a multi-national city striving to become an open society to cater for any individual regardless of race, nationality and belief.

  1. Cars

If you are a car enthusiast, staying in Dubai is probably one of your bucket lists of dreams to achieve! Cars in Dubai are relatively cheaper than other foreign markets. Opting to buy a second-hand car will further help you save money for that daily shopping spree. In fact, you can even see police patrol cars ranging from Lamborghinis to Bugatti Veyrons cruising in the streets along the coastlines!

  1. Social

Dubai is home to glamorous nightlife and social parties. Nightclubs and bars are always open, here in this illustrious city. Popular places around the city are bustling with life, especially in the cases of upcoming development areas like Dubai Creek Beach which yield numerous potential growths for tourist numbers. Still, Dubai practices strict Islamic laws with alcohol and adultery considered as a very serious offence.

  1. Oil

The UAE is famous for its rich oil reserves and exports. In fact, oil and petroleum exportation industry is what controls the blooming economy of the country, among others of its local industries. However, Dubai’s local economy does not rely heavily on its oil reserves. Dubai holds among the least amount of oil reserves in the country. Nevertheless, Dubai compensates this by having a prosperous trading industry, real estate development and tourism sectors. Potential residential and commercial areas, such as Dubai Creek Beach, are highlights of Dubai’s blossoming property and tourism industry.