5 Wild & Fun Bucks Weekend Ideas in Central Coast

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Travelling to Australia is a rich experience especially since the region is packed with iconic sites suitable for touring. Whether you want to go camping, hiking, food, and beverage tasting, or swimming in the beach pools, the options are vast.

Only an hour up the road from Sydney lives a coastal suburb with that’s loaded with attractions and activities that make a short trip to the north tempting. Men who want to have last fun moments as bachelors can tour the Central Coast for a variety of activities.

Lucky for you, we have compiled five wild and fun bucks weekend Central Coast that you should try out if you plan on having your bucks party in Australia. Read along to find out which ones they are.

Vineyard@Hunter Valley/leGuik

1. Take a Brewery Tour in Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley is Australia’s oldest wine producing region. Several restaurants and wine breweries are the norms in this jurisdiction.

You can treat your taste buds to classic flavours or newer wines. The cellar doors are open to all visitors around the year, but touring these areas in a group proves to be much more appealing as compared to doing so alone.

You can enjoy traditional Australian meals and wines during the Hunter Valley wine and food festival that takes place in May and June.

2. Join a Fishing Trip

You can spend your bucks weekend in Central Coast fishing in the many rivers within the area. Pick a guide who is well-versed in the fishing season if you intend to get a tremendous catch. Summer requires fishers to go out in the early mornings and late evenings.

In case you visit Australia in the spring or fall, it is best to go fishing at dusk. In case you want to fish without any guide, read ahead about the seasons and the types of fish available during each time.

Shop or hire fishing gear in advance to avoid any inconveniences. Find a boat that is big enough to accommodate your groomsmen and party away, and don’t forget to bring along bottles of beer to keep the party alive.

3. Try Quad Biking on the Sand Dunes

Aside from taking long strolls along the beach and basking in the sun, you can do a quad bike race too. Several car-hire companies rent out their quad bikes to interested people who want to try the activity.

Go further away from the crowd near the dunes and hold an impromptu race. Provide a lucrative reward for this competition to keep it lively.

Alternatively, you can opt to ride the bikes without competing and find fun activities to incorporate into it like tying the driver’s foot to the co-driver for an even more entertaining experience.

4. Roam Around the Best Clubs in Town

Club hopping is one of the best bucks party ideas Central Coast travellers can try out. Not only do you get to taste various meals within a night or two, but you also get to sample some of the best cocktails within the area.

Additionally, it provides a chance for dancing to some of the latest hits by Australian and international artists. While you can do this at night, some clubs are still functional during the day, so there is no need to limit yourself to specific timings.

You can request for exclusive services by the hottest topless waitresses in Central Coast to celebrate your last days as a single man.

5. Go for Extreme Combat Adventure

Take your team with you to the Swans Valley for a day of extreme combat adventure. You can enjoy up to three hours of shooting with the 450 rounds of ammunition given to everyone.

Additionally, you receive camouflage clothes that keep you hidden from your enemy’s eye during the gaming session. You may have to put up with more massive crowds though if you opt to have this experience during the weekend.

Last Bucks Words

The Central Coast is peppered with some of the most scenic attractions in Australia. It’s only an hour drive from the major town like Sydney. This makes Central Coast one of the must-visit place for your bucks weekend trip. And a bucks party doesn’t have to be cliché, try one or all of these mentioned party ideas for a fun-filled weekend affair in Central Coast.