5 Awesome Rock Pools to Safely Swim in Australia

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Rock Pools are shallow sections of beaches that are formed either naturally or are man-made. They are shallow pools at the beach where the waves and open ocean are blocked by rocks or other barriers forming fun, shallow pools to play, swim, or relax in. Some of the rock pools are a part of marine preserves, so take care in helping to keep the land protected. Remember to take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints in the sand. When wading through rock pools, wear skid proof shoes to protect your feet from jagged or sharp corals. Water shoes can also help protect you from marine life lurking among the rocks. Be aware of marine stingers and blue ringed octopus. Follow all cautionary signs and use caution, even though these rock pools are shallow, it is still the ocean. Hiring a car with Budget  is the best way to see the sights in Australia, allowing you to get around on your own schedule.


St. Paul’s Beach Rock Pools at Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula


St. Pauls Beach Photo Credit: Pinterest


St. Pauls Beach Rock Pool Photo Credit: TheMorningtonPeninsula.com


St. Pauls Beach Rock Pool Photo Credit: TheMorningtonPeninsula.com


St Pauls Beach has a natural rock pool. It is located in Sorrento, on the tip of the Mornington Peninsula. It is a popular destination for Melburnians since it is just about an hour and a half drive south of Melbourne in Victoria. St Pauls Beach is on the Bass Strait coast of the peninsula. It is a sandy bay encircled by jagged cliffs and unique rock formations. The different rock pools that are formed during the changing tides are great to explore, relax, and make for some pretty amazing picture spots. Katie from Orla James recommends St. Paul’s suggesting its definitely worth the visit if you aren’t too far.


Portsea Ocean Beach Rock Pool on Mornington Peninsula


The London Bridge at Portsea Ocean Beach Photo Credit: Parkweb.vic.gov.au


Portsea Ocean Beach Photo Credit: Parkweb.vic.gov.au


Portsea Ocean Beach is also on the Mornington Peninsula near Sorrento on the Port Phillip side of the peninsula. The London Bridge at Portsea Ocean Beach is one of the most well-known photography spots. Many try to capture the amazing scene of the ocean waves coming in through the bridge that has been formed from the erosion of wind and waves over thousands of years. The rock pools that form during low tide are great for exploring the ocean and taking a dip in the pool without worrying about waves or rip currents.


Clovelly Beach Pool near Sydney


Clovelly Beach Pool Photo Credit: “Clovelly 2” by J Bar – Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Commons


Clovelly Beach is located between Bondi beach and Coogee. Since it is not as well known, it can be less crowded but is a fantastic place to discover. The calm waters of the natural beach are perfect for relaxing in the ocean water. Either side of Clovelly Beach Pool have been built up with a man-made pool, deck for sunning, and grassy areas for picnics. Nearby are excellent dining options with cafes and coffee shops. You can drive to Clovelly Beach, but you can also get there by taking the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk.


McIvers Baths – Coogee


McIvers Baths Photo Credit: Sydney.com


McIvers Baths is one of a few different outdoor pools near Coogee Beach, south of Sydney. The McIvers Baths are located on the face of the cliff and rock platform between Coogee Beach and Wylies Baths. Since 1876, this historic spot was used as a women’s bathing spot and now remains one of the only women’s and children’s pools left in Australia. The baths you see today with the wall blocking the ocean waves was built in 1886. Next to the baths are amenities, changing rooms, a clubhouse, and a brick sunbathing area.


Wylies Baths – Coogee



Wylies Baths Photo Credit: Sydney.com

Wylies Baths are also located in Coogee. This pool is man-made, built in 1907 by Henry Alexander Wylie. He was a champion long distance and underwater swimmer. The Wylie Baths were built to show 180 degree views of the Pacific Ocean and Wedding Cake Island in the distance. While at the pool, you can hire a massage, take yoga classes, or enjoy some refreshments at the kiosk.